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Milgard Ultra Replacement Windows

Why CWD?

The quality of your window or door is only as good as the installation. Even the highest of high-end windows function poorly without proper installation. You can trust your home to CWD because...

1. We use our own employees

We train our own qualified employees to install your windows and doors.  We don't sub-out jobs or pay by piece-work. Piece-work equals hurried and sloppy work!

2. We use quality, earth friendly sealants and trim

We use quality products alongside the windows and doors we use. From the trim to sealants we choose products we would use in our own homes. For instance, we use XtraBond 8500, a modified polyurethane sealant - it is not only earth friendly, but is modified to be permanently flexible so the bond between the new window and old frame stays secure. Compare this to the standard polyurethane most installers use, which will harden and crack over time, resulting in more leaks down the road. For our exterior trim we use Windsor OneKiln-dried, protected and earth friendly, it won't twist or warp and has superior protection against rot, insects and mold. 

3. We have contracting experience

30 years of remodeling means your job will be done right. Need electrical moved? An opening enlarged or a new opening? No problem!. Plus, all of our jobs are supervised by a family member with a keen eye on our company's future. Whether father-son, Jim & Josh Warford,  or nephew, Rob Grossnickle, your job will be supervised by someone who cares. 

4. We choose tried and true manufacturers

We select manufacturers who have been in business for many years and have a long-standing track record of quality and customer service. We won't switch to cheaper products and use high-pressure sales and deception to sell you cheap windows.

5. We Love What We Do

We love what we do and it shows. We’re not high-pressure salespeople…we simply enjoy helping you realize your dreams. We are known for our down-home friendly service. Our office manager of 20 years, Maureen Hawkins, provides personal, friendly office support.

We complete most jobs in 1 day

Replacing your old windows, patio doors and other exterior doors is not the long, drawn-out process many people imagine. CWD completes most jobs in 1-2 days. 

Choose from easy-to-maintain vinyl, fiberglass or wood-clad windows. Whether your home is built of stucco, brick, or wood siding, before you know it, you'll be looking out through your  new, beautiful, quiet and energy-efficient windows. 

Installing New Windows in Home

Retrofit vs New- Construction Windows

There are two types of replacement windows: “Retrofit” and “New Construction”.  Here’s the difference…

  1. “Retrofit” replacement windows fit into the existing window frame.
  2. “New Construction” replacement windows get a brand new frame and flashing.
For more information, Click Here, or watch the video below. See the end for our funny bloopers, and the surprise at the very end!


Milgard Replacement Windows
Milgard, a west coast company, established the full lifetime warranty in the window industry - a luxury the east coast does not yet enjoy! Milgard fully services their product as long as you own your home. Compare this to the limited warranty of Anderson Windows... They send you the parts and let you figure out how to get them installed!  
Milgard has been around since the 50's so you can bet on them being here 50 more! We love the architectural look and award winning locking mechanism of their Tuscany window. We are also a fan of their Ultra French Doors. A great choice for larger homes with larger combination windows.
Simonton ranks highest in customer satisfaction in the J.D. Power and Associates Windows and Patio Doors Satisfaction Study for three consecutive years. We rank them right up there with Milgard for product and customer service. 
Simonton offers a "double lifetime warranty," meaning the next homeowner gets the full warranty. Parts and labor are included, as well as a glass breakage warranty. 
Their DaylightMax series has the narrowest profile of any window we've seen. It offers less frame and more glass and outperforms most vinyl windows for energy efficiency.
Fiberglass exterior doors are beautiful, hold up to weather without warping, hold paint much longer without peeling, and are more energy efficient that wood doors. Click on the logo above to see the many varied styles available today.
Replacing your interior doors is a great way to update your home at a relatively low cost. Customers are always wowed at what a difference they make!


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More about Replacement Windows:

A lot of people ask, what is a retrofit  window, and what's the difference between a retrofit and new-construction window.

The New-Construction Method For Replacing Windows:

A window installed during the original construction of a building is called a new construction window. They typically have a nail fin which rests against the outside of the wood stud, and nails or screws are driven through the holes in the fin. All other exterior materials are then applied over the nail fin.

New construction windows also can be used in a replacement window project. The exterior materials, such as window trim (if it exists), siding, stucco or flashing, are removed, exposing the wood studs. The new window is then installed as it would have been when the home was originally built. 

It’s important that the new flashing is applied correctly. We replace a number of windows that have leaked simply because the flashing was improperly installed. Be careful of unlicensed workers who give you a great price, but will eventually cost you much more because the work isn't done properly.

Reasons to Choose the New-Construction Method of Window Replacement:

If you are considering new windows for your home, you may wonder which method is better for you. One of the reasons you might choose a new construction window is to take care of an existing leak. Exposing the original studs allows your contractor to see potential damage like dry-rot or deteriorated flashing. The damage can be repaired, and the new window installed with proper flashing to prevent future leaks.

Another reason to choose new-construction windows for your home is that, because you are going back to the original framing, the original window size is maintained. If you are concerned about the amount of glass and light allowed through your windows, this is something to consider. A retrofit style window reduces the size of your opening by 1.5 -3 inches.

Another reason a person might choose a new construction window is to change the size of the existing window or if you are creating a new opening. If you are replacing your windows and either the wood trim is rotted and needs to be replaced, or you plan to replace the stucco or siding on your house, definitely go with new construction windows.

As you can imagine, new construction windows are more labor intensive to install and therefore cost more than other replacement methods.

Replacing Windows in your Home using the Retrofit Method of Window Replacement:

Retrofit windows have been developed as a labor and cost-cutting alternative to new construction windows. They are a great choice if there are no existing leaks or flashing issues and you'd like to replace your windows with the minimum amount of intrusion into your home and pocketbook.

The retrofit method leaves the original aluminum window frame intact and doesn't disturb the existing stucco or wood trim. If you are looking to replace your windows and want to save on your budget, the retrofit replacement window is an excellent choice. We do approximately 60 - 70 percent of all window replacement using this method. Done properly, you will have replacement windows with very little intrusion into your home in no time. New windows for your home using this method are not a compromise in quality.  

As long as your existing windows do not leak and the installer knows what he is doing and uses quality bonding materials, you will have new windows that last a lifetime. Remember, the retrofit window installation method does not expose the existing flashing. If it's in good shape, it will remain in good shape!

Retrofit Replacement method -

·        Leaves the original aluminum window frame intact

·        Doesn't disturb the existing stucco or wood trim -Don't have to patch stucco, replace trim etc...

·        Less expensive due to less labor.

·        Won't correct existing leaks

·        Window size reduced