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When should I choose retrofit vs new-construction windows?

Retrofit Replacement Windows
This method does not require chipping out stucco or removingn wood trim. Retrofit windows are measured and ordered to fit inside the existing window frame. (Don't worry, once the job is done you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE the previous window frame at all!) It is much less expensive and less invasive than new-construction windows, but you will lose 1-2" of existing windows size. When choosing retrofit windows, it's essential to check first to make sure the original flashing and seal are intact. If you install retrofit windows into leaky frames, your new windows will leak! Depending on the cause of the leak, you may need new-construction windows. 
New Construction Windows
The term "new construction" is a little misleading as these windows are also used to replace existing windows. The biggest difference is that, with new-construction windows, we remove the entire old window and frame all the way to the studs and install new flashing and a new seal. This method is more time consuming and therefore more costly on the labor end. Also, you will have to pay the additional cost to re-stucco or re-trim around the replacement window. Choose this method if you have an existing flashing or leak problem, if you want to preserve all of your existing opening size or if you want to change the opening size. Also, if you are planning to re-stucco or re-side your home, or if you need to replace rotted trim around your windows anyway, it makes sense to choose new-construction windows. For more discussion on new-construction vs replacement windows, check out this link.

What are the advantages of replacing windows?

Replacement windows have great return on Investment

According to the 2013 survey of cost versus value by Remodeling Magazine, replacement windows have a 82.5 percent return on investment (ROI). This figure is among the highest of remodel projects. 

More than just dollar savings

New windows can help reduce your energy bill significantly. In addition to lower energy bills, new windows with Low-E3 glass deliver more comfort, create less condensation - and protect your valuables from sun damage better than conventional clear-glass double-paned alternatives. Read-up more about the benefits of Energy Star rated windows here.

Noise reduction

Do you live on a noisy street? Annoyed by dogs barking? With your new windows, you'll notice an immediate reduction in the noise level inside your house. If you choose off-set or laminate glass, the noise reduction is even more significant.  

 How do I choose materials for my kitchen or bath remodel?

– fixtures, accessories and cabinets

Choosing materials, fixtures and cabinets for your new kitchen or bathroom is a crucial step in the design process. We help you pick the right products for your project and budget – in the showroom or in your home, with samples, via the Internet or through catalogs – whatever suits your busy schedule.

Fixtures and accessories
Here are a few good links to browse through if you’re thinking about fixtures and accessories and want to get a head start. 

We’ll help you decide the best fit for your style and budget. Options range all the way from Big Box stores, online sources, and import stores to custom cabinets.
Here are a couple of sources we like for bathroom vanities 

For kitchen cabinets, a great place to start and to get ideas is,

NOTE: Don’t assume modular cabinets are always cheaper than custom. Not so! Depending on your space and needs, custom may be the way to go.

Acrylic bath systems
Want to beautify your home, but thought you couldn’t afford it? New acrylics provide the looks of high-end solutions at a much lower cost. Acrylic is durable and easy to maintain - hotels use it extensively. We often use acrylic for walls in complete tear-outs as well as over existing walls. Acrylics make great tubs  and shower pans (most whirlpool tubs are acrylic). Acrylics aren’t cold like porcelain-coated steel or cast iron tubs, so your water stays warm longer. 

Acrylic tub liners
Bathtub and shower liners are an inexpensive and easy way to replace worn or damaged surfaces with high-quality, acrylic liners that are long lasting and durable. Tub and shower liners are custom made to fit right over your existing tub or shower pan. Walls are then fitted over your existing walls to give you a whole new look, usually in just 1-2 days. 

A great time to use a liner is if you have maintained your tub area but just want to change the color (tired of pink and grey?) or get away from hard to clean or chipped tile. We do not recommend a tub liner if the grout in your tub area is dark and rotted, there is mildew and discoloration everywhere, and/or your floor or walls have soft areas or other signs of dry-rot.
Doing a complete replacement is not the long, drawn-out process some describe. Most bathrooms, even with dry-rot repair and full inspections, are completed in a week. 

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